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National Bank of Canada Grows Net Sales With LinkedIn Sales Navigator


Canadian Financial Industry Overview and Social Media Landscape

The market for wealth management within Canada is consolidating and traditional means of marketing and sales are no longer as effective as they once were. The world and consumers have gone digital but many Canadian financial services firms’ business models don’t embrace this new reality in a rapid manner.
It is a highly regulated industry that is hyper-competitive in generating new clients and talent. Security, privacy and compliance concerns slow the adoption of new technologies.

Financial advisors ne...
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Sun Life Financial

“Are you ready to take your interest in social media and turn it into a passion to promote your brand? Servo Annex has the unique ability to help to make it happen.

They’re experts who is willing to share very practical insights on how social media can help you to grow your business and your brand. He presented to our team of communications professionals at Sun Life Financial and interacted in an engaging way that sparked an interest in social media that lasted beyond the presentation.

As a leader, I gained a very valuable understanding of how to strategically leverag...
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